While worship of Creation is the most popular religion, there are other types of religions as well. These are where the lesser deities are present. While I’m going to present a brief description of them now, I may explain more about some of them in the future – cause a lot of these deities have interesting stories.

There are three specific groups of deities: elementals, elder dragons, and local gods. None of these are physically gods, and are weaker in body than the actual gods, but they are worshiped all the same.


The first group I’ll describe are the elementals. To understand the elementals, you must understand the elements. Dramoth Gilead doesn’t have the same four elements as other worlds (sometimes five, sometimes eights.) Dramoth Gilead actually has twenty elements (which makes things confusing for wizards.) They are separated into five categories – light and dark naturals, light and dark ordinals, and the foundations. These categories represent the order that the elements are found on the ley lines (I’ll talk about those later) with light natural furthest from the source of magic, and foundations closest to the source of magic.

Each of the elements has a being that protects it – it is these beings that are known as the elementals. They can be summoned by the sem (human-animal hybrids) at which point they take on a physical form known as a sentinel. When not in these sentinel forms, they can appear as thoughts or in dreams – usually in a form familiar to the one who they’re speaking to, although others take on a form they’re more happy to take. Because they are little more than the essence of magic, they are technically immortal beings. However, because summoning them is draining on the summoner they do not spend enough time in the physical forms to be truly called “alive.”

They are usually worshiped as more of a lip service. They’re remembered in festivals and in arts, but never more than being a helpful spirit to the majority. There are those races – like the gnollen – who worship the elementals, but they do not necessarily worship all twenty – only really the ones that help them.

The Elder Dragons

Dragons do not live in Dramoth Gilead. A long time ago they would travel between the different planes and appear before the masses – hence the use of dragon tongue for many different words. However, they left a long time ago. There are lesser beings resembling dragons – the drakes and the wyverns and house dragons (which are basically large lizards with wings) – but as far as anything called a true dragon, there are none.

Except for the elder dragons, that is. There were eight dragons that never left (technically six, but we’ll get to that explanation at a later date too.) These great beings live throughout Cathemega, choosing a life of rest and peace. Their true age is hard to tell, since they never really exist at any one point in time – planar travel tends to mess up perceptions of time and space.

The elder dragons are primarily worshiped by the tallis (which makes sense cause the tallis are draconic humanoids – so why not worship one who is like you?) The tallis themselves have a group of warrior priests who reside in great temples dedicated to each of the elder dragons. They made the temples in hopes that the elder dragons would come and live and speak with them, but none of them do – it’s always more comfy in caves and in nature than in a stuffy stone temple. The only others besides the tallis who worship the elder dragons are those who are interested in that culture, or who have been raised in that kind of environment.

Local Gods

The local gods are worshiped by different groups of cults or by races who do not agree to the more popular deities. They do not actually exist as far as the gods or elementals or elder dragons – but there are often times that some idea or some spirit is trumped up to a status of worship. Sometimes it’s a charlatan posing as a god, other times a spirit of nature gets bored and decides to spread a little bit of mischief. Overall, these gods are only odd beliefs held by a small portion of society.

Other Beliefs

There are a few other forms of belief system not related to gods or deities at all. Some races worship their ancestors’ spirits, or nature, or something of that sort. It’s rare to find an atheist or agnostic in the world, seeing as there is an actual physical presence of a deity who can be heard, touched, and seen. Of course there are those who deny that Creation really is a goddess, thinking her to be just some girl brought into the temple and raised into a belief system of being a goddess.

Next time, I’ll talk about the four races – humans, orcs, elves, and tallis.