Today I will be discussing the four first created races on the planet. Before I start let me just clear the air for those of you who might be worried about this (I know I sometimes am.) These four races do not represent the first creatures on the planet. Bacterial, animal, plant, and other sorts of life such as that were created along with the planet itself. These races were born, given enough knowledge to build and create, and have a full happy life.

The initial four races are known as the primes. They were the ones specifically called by Creation and Destruction, built into the very creation event, spoken into existence. To aid them in their life, they were granted the nature of one of the four major elements – wind, water, earth, and fire. I will talk about all four primes in separate posts. To start things off, I will begin with the first created race: the humans.


Creation created humans and gave them the nature of water. Freedom, power, and exploration are in the hearts and minds of every human living on the planet. As with any race of humans, those living in Dramoth Gilead are just your typical humans, complete with a wide array of height and weight, hair and eye colors, natures, dreams, skills, and flaws. The best thing that Creation gave humans was their nature to unite. In fact, without humans, it’s quite possible that the entire population of Dramoth Gilead would have quickly descended into war, murder, and genocide. It’s human nature that permitted the (sometimes) peaceful coexistence of the three other races.

The humans in Cathemega (the main continent of my stories – I’ll get to geography soon) are, for the most part, relatively pale-skinned – the equivalent of the European continent if they were from Earth. There are desert dwellers south of the major cities who are darker skinned, but they’re still quite pale. A pseudo-human race called the Mesan live in the desert as well, and they have even darker skin – but they have white hair, gold eyes, and an innate, never-failing sense of direction, plus they’re not actually humans at all, they’re one of the races birthed by the planet itself.

That is not to say that all the humans in Cathemega would appear to be of European descent if they were stuck on Earth. There is the race known as Freeworlders, whose ancestors came from the ancient and forbidden lands outside the continent of Cathemega. These Freeworlders have very dark skin – African descent so it would appear. They get discriminated against, distrusted, and thought to be bad-natured. The Freeworlders are, however, just as hard-working and loyal as any human.

Humans are highly reactive to magic. While they are not as sensitive to it as elves (who can feel ley lines underground) they have powerful innate magic abilities. Humans can be born with such an innate reaction to magic that they are able to sense spirits and ghosts. Girls born with these abilities can see and communicate with ghosts, while boys born with these abilities can hear them (which is scary for a five-year old boy.)

Human culture is entirely trapped within the Medieval European fantasy trope. Music and art is varied to the artist and the ear or eye enjoying it. Their festivals are based around seasonal or historical events. Religious humans mostly follow the Church of Creation, although there are others who follow local or elemental deities.

Unlike the Medieval European trope, humans do not view women as a “weaker sex.” They are given full rights and responsibilities and granted every opportunity to succeed that men are. In the history of some of the great kingdoms (which are mostly representative monarchies) there have been equal representation of men and women on the councils chosen by the people. Some of the greatest heroes and legends are also women.

With that, I’m done with the first of the four primes. Next I will speak of the second, the elves.