I’ll get to the post about Cathemega next. But for now I have to explain this, otherwise you may be a little confused.

Grab a globe, or load Google Earth on your computer. I’ll wait.

Got it? Good. Now, find… oh, I dunno… Fiji will do (it’s north of New Zealand.) From this island, draw – in your mind if you don’t want to wreck your globe – a line extending to the east ending in Brazil, a line extending to the west ending in Angola, a line extending to the north ending in Russia, and a line extending to the south looping over Antarctica and ending about the south Atlantic somewhere. Congratulations, you’ve just drawn an approximation of the major ley line trunks.

Each of these trunks contain the energies of five of the major elements. The north trunk contains Life, Darkness, Light, Summer, and Winter. The west contains Holy, Moon, Sun, Earth, and Wind. The south contains Death, the Void, Stars, Desolation, and Nature. The east contains Infernal, Fate, Dreams, Fire, and Water. Along these long trunks, each of these elements has a point at which its energies stop. These termination points end in the order mentioned. From the trunks themselves, extending towards Fiji, are spider webs of thinner tunnels of energy. They criss-cross underneath the surface of the planet, the energy itself expanding upwards and outwards as they go.

As you go along each of these trunks, magic becomes weaker. The elements a master wizard can cast become limited. Going west, for example, a wizard could cast earth spells up and until the end of that energy, at which point they’d only be able to cast wind, winter, water, and nature spells. Even more, the elements are weaker in their opposite directions naturally – so a water spell would be stronger cast east of Fiji than it would if it were cast west of Fiji.

The important thing is that there is one place in the world – one grouping of large islands – that is suffused with every elemental energy type. Every other continent on the planet exists with the lack of some elements or with weak magical natures. This one continent is the melting pot of magic, a place where even the lowliest mage can perform stunning magical feats.

That continent is Cathemega.