Another aside here. As I was drafting the post on the areas outside of Relay, it occurred to me that my maps were screwy.

When I drew the map, I adjusted my thoughts to noting where, approximately, the major cities and areas were, drawing borders and mountain ranges and major forested areas. However, upon reaching the other continents, I completely forgot about distances. So while Relay is properly sized for a regular world, Daikteri and Essas are not. So that is a bit of a problem.

Case in point. There’s an area on Daikteri called the Wild Haunt. When I drew this on my map, it takes up about a good chunk of the continent. Without realizing it, I made a marsh land of about the size of the state of Texas. There are large deserts and large ranges like this in the real world, but my description of this area made little sense with relation to its size.

In addition, I added a few needless cities to Essas. One makes absolutely no sense, in that it’s a major trade hub on the other side of the island from the central sea. No trade would go through that city ever. If this was, however, a small island, it would make plenty of sense, same with the Wild Haunt and the equally ridiculous Water Gardens. I had unknowingly designed the rest of the continents as if I were working with small islands rather than continents spanning something as big north-to-south as Australia.

So I have to rethink Essas and Daikteri. The essentials are still there – but in returning this to a properly sized land, I’ve got huge swaths of empty land filling these island continents. This must be taken care of! So for now, the entry on Essas and Daikteri will have to wait for another day when I’ve reasonably thought through the whole thing once more and adjusted the map accordingly.

However, I’ve got three more places to work in for one more geographical post before getting into the major cities. I’m trying to draw these out better than I did before, and I keep getting this crazy idea to make the cities in Minecraft o.o I’m insane, I know.