Two posts in one day? What kind of crazy superhuman am I?

The kind who writes two posts in one day.

Anyway, Essas and Daikteri, if you can recall, are the two other continents of Cathemega. My original thoughts for them are still, in essence, there. However, I’ve adjusted for size, so to speak, and they seem a bit more rationally designed.


The island known as Essas is the more northern of the two continents. Upon this island are two minor nations and one non-nation. It’s the smallest of the three major continents, and the southern half of it is an island-wide desert, spanning from the south-western to the north-eastern shores. The rest of the island is temperate mountains and forests.

Enseya is one of the two minor nations. It’s built on the western shore, facing towards Relay. The city itself is rather small, merely serving as a port town to the rest of the continent. Many small villages dot the countryside of Enseya, and each of these little towns has a growing population of farmers, lumberjacks, or vine-growers. The other minor nation is Freeholm, a city built on a large island in the center of the major riverway. The surrounding territory is largely wooded, but with an easy access to the mountains where much mining is done.

The non-nation is Mesa, the home of the ancient Mesan people. This small, peaceful city is located in the center of the huge desert. While a horrible place for most to live, the Mesan are sturdy enough to survive the climate and smart enough to follow the great herds to locate sources of water when theirs runs dry.


The dagger-shaped southern continent of Daikteri is a much longer one than Essas. Along its entire eastern shore is a mountain range consisting of giant mountains. While as a whole the countryside remains sparsely populated, there are two minor nations on it. In between these two nations are the locations known as the Wild Haunt and the Water Gardens. The Wild Haunt is a large swamp land, noted by an almost ever present fog bank. Few venture into the Haunt, except those lured by tales of ancient civilizations and treasure. The Water Gardens are a series of small lakes that dot the land like a patchwork quilt. These lakes are small, but very deep. Visitors can see the signs of ancient civilizations deep within the clear water, a curious sight and a mystery as to who used to live there.

The first of the two nations is Perdamas. This tiny nation is seated in the north near Essas. While it is a key location for a port, there are many hazards in the waters to the north, and the quickest trade routes are populated by pirates – forcing trade from the other of the Daikteri nations, Kiesa. This nation is at the closest tip to Relay, at the point of the dagger. This location makes it a key port for trade from Dragon’s Throat, although it is a very poor nation because of a lack of natural resources.

Thus finishes the geography of my world. In my next series of posts, I’ll explore the different major nations – Tavsere, Moore, Wivverin, Seiis, and Sedurka – including their population demographics, territory, government, and general culture.