Apologies for the gap between these posts. Rather than getting to Daikteri and Essas right now, I’m going to explain the two islands. Sedurka and Dolles. Sedurka is an actual nation, and Dolles is very special.


The island nation of Sedurka is the home of the Tallis. It’s a smallish nation located in the perfect spot to be a trading hub. Almost all trade routes between the cities of Relay go past Sedurka (all except the one between Wivverin’s port and Dragon’s Throat.) It’s got enough mountains and forests for production of its own goods as well as the space to build farms to support its population. The tallis home is a land of technology unlike that seen outside of it. Crossing over and through their city streets is a network of steam pipes and vents that carry energy to the homes and public buildings of all the people. Most of this is from the natural geothermal energy that bubbles up beneath the island.


The center of the world – in relation to the ley lines – is the island of Dolles. This island is also called “The Heart of Magic.” It is a tiny island upon which rests a single large mountain and a strange fortress that protects the mountain’s entrance. This fortress does not appear to be crafted by human hands – the walls have a strange curve to them that appears both to curve inward and outward, and they are made up of single stones rather than a series of bricks or blocks. There is no room for people, either. Statues adorn the walls and the paths leading to the fortress, and sometimes they seem to be moving. The mountain itself is actually a single huge crystal from which flows the essence and energy of magic through the ley lines. A thick, rocky crust surrounds the mountain, making it appear no different from any ordinary mountain face.