Now I’ll begin the posts that everyone (well, one certain person at least) have been waiting for. There are 5 major nations, 7 minor nations, and several places that are merely “homes.” The major nations are bigger and more powerful than the minor ones, they produce more goods and have more trade and military power. The major nations make a point to assist the minor with needs both physical and martial, and they share very strong treaties and trade agreements between themselves. The first of the major nations I’ll describe is the one that is the biggest and the strongest, Tavsere (a dragon tongue name meaning “edge of the sea.”)

Tavsere – The Nation

The nation of Tavsere rests in the northern portion of the continent of Relay, with its southern border on the northern edge of the central ocean and its western border on the outer ocean. Its eastern border is shared with Seiis, its northern border is shared with Moore and Tiyris-Neresheim, and the southern with Wivverin. It’s a very large nation, spanning 225 circuits (a circuit is approximately 1.5 miles) from its border with Seiis to its border with Wivverin, and about 75 circuits the other direction at the most.

It is largely a temperate climate, nearing a warmer climate towards its border with Wivverin. The land is mostly flat plains with small groves. The country itself is home to many farming communities along the heavily traveled trade routes between Tavsere and the nearest nations. It only has one minor mountain chain in the south near Wivverin, but the entirety of the Neres River flows south towards the city itself. In the foothills around the mountains are numerous vineyards where Tavsere’s famous wine is produced.

Tavsere – The City

Tavsere itself is on an island near the delta of the Neres River. It is a rather large city, with a couple hundred thousand residents. Humans are most common, but it’s not unusual to see any of the other races living in the city. There are four major areas – the residential quarter, the merchants’ quarter, the docks, and the magic quarter.

The residential quarter is the largest part of the city, entirely half of the island is taken up with homes for the many people residing there. It is further subdivided into three general areas – High Street, Low Street, and the city center. High Street is closest to the city center, it is where the large residential buildings are built – homes for the rich and the affluent. They are usually divided into small yards, with gated fences around them. Low Street is where the more common folk live, smaller homes with shared walls or small, separated buildings. Poverty is rare, as the government tends to take care of its worst off members. The city center is the seat of government, the castle of Tavsere serving as both the council hall and home for the royal family.

The merchants’ quarter is the first place that visitors to the city will enter. The three major trading routes from Moore, Wivverin, and Seiis all come out of the central square of this area. The market is an enormous, bustling trade hub, with many wares from many people being bought and sold there. Inns, taverns, and places of entertainment share the streets and passageways spiderwebbing out from the square. There are homes in this area, but they’re mostly reserved for the owners of the various shops, inns, and establishments throughout.

The docks are, as imagined, the docks. Warehouses are the most common sight, however, there are some inns and taverns for the sailors from other countries who don’t want to travel into the merchants’ quarter to sleep. There is a large grouping of military barracks for the naval forces of Tavsere – for which the city is known.

The magic quarter is the smallest area of the city, nestled between the other three districts, there are two major buildings – the library and the wizard’s college. The library is known for its enormous collection of books, although they are all tucked away in the upper reaches of the library itself. A scholar need only ask for a title or topic and the librarian will fetch it for them. The wizard’s college is a small branch of the University of Kordera, a place for study and residence for students and mage’s guild members.

Tavsere – The States

There are nine council states in Tavsere. Each one has its own borders, its own local government, and its own interests in mind. These are largely agrarian states, farming communities located on the major roadways. Only one of these states has a major mining interest – as expected, and a few also have fisheries.

Greenfield is the northernmost state on the Tavsere-Moore road. It is a small state populated by a couple hundred farming families. Sterling shares its eastern border with Greenfield and its northern with Tiyris-Neresheim.  The region is dotted with foothills, and Sterling’s wine industry is the largest in the entire country. Forks is a state that is nestled at the point where the two northern trade routes split – one to Tiyris-Neresheim and the other to Moore. Forks, being a good distance and located in a nice location for it, is known as a rest station for weary travelers. Many inns and taverns are found in the city itself.

Oren is the easternmost state in Tavsere, sharing its border with Seiis. It is a major farming hub like Greenfield. Taleva is the state in which Tavsere is located. As it is between all three major thoroughfares to the other nations, the state is very rich. The states of Westen and Goldbrook are the first two states on the road towards Wivverin. These are mostly fishing communities, though Goldbrook has a larger farming base as well. Stonebar is the mining state of Tavsere, controlling the entirety of the mountain range in the south country. Finally Southgate is the last of the states, nestled on the border between Wivverin and Tavsere – a community of farmers as most of the country.

Tavsere – The Government

Tavsere is a representative monarchy. Each of the nine council states has its own local government. In states like Greenfield, it is made up of representatives from the smaller communities within the state, while in one like Stonebar, it’s made up of guild members. Each state government is run by a council member, who is elected to the position by the rest of the representatives. These are usually temporary assignments – held for a few years before stepping down for another to take their position.

The council members bring the needs of their states to the government seat in Tavsere, where the King (or Queen) sits over the council itself. While the council usually comes to an agreement among themselves, there are the times where a few members are unable to attend a meeting (or they abstain from a vote) and the King is needed to break the deadlock. A simple majority vote is needed to pass most edicts, except the most important laws, which require six of nine votes for, as well as the King’s agreement. The King has the power to veto any edict, as well as to return edicts with changes should he feel it necessary.