The second of the major nations is called Moore. The nation is named after its founder.

Moore – The Nation

Moore is a bit smaller than Tavsere, resting at the northern part of the continent of Relay. It stretches from the northeastern point of the Korderan mountains to the outer sea. It has a large coast line, but no ports because its coast is entirely on the outer sea. It stretches approximately 200 circuits east-west and about 100 north-south at its thickest. It shares a border with Seiis and Tavsere. Tiyris-Neresheim is surrounded by what is Moore’s territory, though the minor nation controls both the Neres mountains and the Tiyris forest.

Moore also has a temperate climate, although it’s a little colder than Tavsere due to its northern proximity and the cold air from the outer sea. The country is rocky and hard, with a few mountain chains in the east and west. It’s higher elevation than Tavsere. While crops can be grown, the major exports of Moore are its livestock and its gems and minerals. There is an enormous forest to the southeastern side of the city of Moore – with a gnollen tribe living deep within.

Moore – The City

The city of Moore rests on a cliff face overlooking a valley. The cliff is angled upwards, and the highest elevation of the face of the cliff is where the castle is built. The people in Moore are primarily human. The diversity of the mountainous country is less than that of Tavsere. Moore also has a large sem population. The city is divided into three shelfs, each with its own districts.

The highest shelf is the castle where the royal family live. The huge castle sits overlooking the valley and the kingdom around it, as well as the city beneath. Outside of the castle walls proper are the military barracks for the large army that Moore has. The castle itself is the seat of the government of Moore.

The second shelf holds the noble houses as well as some educational, political, and magic facilities. The noble houses are enormous mansions, family homes that hold more than just a single family. There used to be seven Houses of Moore, but after the War of Seven Thrones, three of the houses were destroyed and one was elevated to the throne. The four noble houses were turned into housing for ambassadors, colleges for students, and a place for the city’s mages to practice their arts.

The lowest shelf is the place where the common folk live. It is divided into three districts – the market district, the sem district, and the human district. The market district is the home of Moore’s marketplace, a single street from the gate of the city to the gate to the second shelf is dotted with shops, stalls, and hawkers of wares. Outside the street are numerous inns, entertainment houses, and places that serve as homes for the non-human, non-sem members of the city.

The sem district is a small district of the city designed to house its sem population. There are walls around the area and huge iron gates – for their protection. It is poorly guarded, poorly maintained, and far too overpopulated to hold the entirety of the sem population. The human district, on the other hand, is open to the humans in the city. It’s sprawled out across most of the lower city, split in the center by the market district, and taking up the portions of the western city not along the walls.

Moore – The Territory

The nation of Moore does not have states like Tavsere. Outside of the city walls there are three major population centers; Hearth, Forest’s Edge, and Dugan’s Pass. Towns dot the landscape along the major roads between Moore and Seiis, Moore and Tiyris-Neresheim, and Moore and Tavsere – as well as towards Moore’s lands in the west.

Hearth is a city in the western part of Moore’s territory, nestled in the foothills of the mountains. It is a major mining town, with gems and precious metals coming out of it beyond the plain ore. Forest’s Edge is an eleven town situated on the northeastern edge of the Moore Forest. Its people are lumberjacks, hunters, and farmers. Dugan’s Pass  rests on the end of the Korderan mountains, serving as the gateway between Moore and Seiis. Due to its proximity to the mountains, it is a mining town much like Hearth.

Moore – The Government

Moore is a pure monarchy. Before the War of Seven Thrones, it was more of a monarchical council – each House sending its ruler to the council to make the laws for the city. When House Salena won the war, it took over control of the city as its sole ruler – deferring to the three remaining houses as needed, and setting them up as heads of the cities of Hearth, Forest’s Edge, and Dugan’s Pass. Due to the pressing needs of these territorial cities, they stay out of Moore for the most part.

House Salena sat on the throne for over 200 years before its direct line ended with Loris Salena, who never had a son. His daughter married a commoner, and the two of them left Moore to live in Forest’s Edge. A cousin of the princess ascended to the throne, maintaining the House’s rule, but with the name Corin. No King of Moore has even been maliciously cruel. They have generally regarded sem as deserving to live in their poor area (they’re free to leave if they don’t like the atmosphere.) They have ruled fair and wise, although a bit too much interest in maintaining House Salena/Corin’s stakes.