Seiis is the nation of the elves. Although largely populated by elves, it is not exclusive to them.

Seiis – The Nation

Seiis takes up almost the entire eastern part of the north Relay continent. It only has its eastern border not to the sea – and this is split by the Korderan mountain chain, north of the chain it’s shared with Moore, south of the chain it’s shared with Tavsere. The university town of Kordera rests along the river that flows east from the fork in the middle of the Korderan mountains. The country is about 150 circuits east-west and 150 circuits north-south.

Seiis’s climate is much the same as Tavsere – slightly warm temperate, with mild winters and rainy summers. The country side is very heavily forested. Besides areas outside of the Seiis forest and the grounds along the Kordera river – which are farmland. The southern fork of the Korderan mountains are entirely within Seiis, though they only have minor mineral production. Most of Seiis’ s production comes through the lumber trade.

Seiis – The City

The city of Seiis was once a giant tree, the greatest sign of magic that the ancient Nün elves performed. The tree stretched out over the old city, and a series of elevators led up high into the branches. The tree died, however, and came crashing down to the old city, killing many. The remnant stump dried up, and latent magical energy turned it into a flat-topped mountain. The old city was buried under the streets of the new – catacombs and ancient tunnels showing its nature. The only thing on the surface of the old city are the remnants of the counterweights – five pillars extending from the side of the mountain.

This mountain serves as the main center of government. Upon its top is the Temple of Creation. It is not only a place of worship and enlightenment, but also a home to Creation herself (although she usually chooses to live in one of the homes on the outside of the temple.) Beneath the higher layer of this mountain is the council hall, built on one of the plateaus extending off the side of the mountain.

The city itself is divided into four districts – north, south, east, and west. Unlike Tavsere and Moore, they are not separated by purpose. Residential homes can be found throughout the entirety of the city. Divided up on streets encircling the city – which is shaped like an almost perfect circle – if it weren’t for the shoreline to the south. The eastern district contains a few of the major guild halls – the mages’ guild, the militia, and guild of craftsmen. The northern and western districts contain some marketplaces and a larger number of shops – as these are the first where visitors come. The explorers’ guild is located in an inn situated in the center of the western district. The southern district is the docks, with the dockworkers’ guild and the merchants’ guild located here as well.

Seiis – The Villages

Seiis does not have major population centers outside of the city. Besides the few small villages that dot the countryside – usually farming or lumber production – there are only two major notable villages that could be considered major towns. The northernmost of these towns is Kera, a lumber town situated between Kordera and Dugan’s Pass. The westernmost is the town of Royrn, a farming village near to the border of Tavsere.

The town of Kordera, however, is considered a part of Kordera’s territory, although as it has no actual government, it falls under Seiis’s jurisdiction and protection. This small town is on the northern path towards Moore, just across the Korderan river. The only inhabitants are the families of the university’s professors, as well as the older students. It is a place where students go to get away from their studies. At a further date, I’ll describe the university itself.

Seiis – The Government

Seiis is a literal theocracy. It is ruled by a god. In a way, at least. Creation is manifested in the form of a girl every time she dies. The High Priestess of the Order of Creation is able to detect the new form, and she alerts the parents. At about seven years of age, the girl is taken to the temple, where she’s taught and where she’ll live. When she is around eighteen, she is given control of the nation itself. In the eighteen years she’s growing up, the High Priestess performs the duties of ruler.

Although Creation could rule on her own and make and pass laws that help her – she defers to a council of guildmen. The council hall was built for this purpose alone – to provide her with a place where the guildmasters could speak openly to her. They have no actual power in the society, but Creation has been nothing if not extraordinarily fair. She takes the input of the guildmasters, and is sure to pass judgments that serve the needs of the city as a whole. There are heated debates between guildmasters quite often, but Creation is sure to clear up any issues before calling the meetings to a close.