Wivverin, or more properly Wivverin-Laredo, is a city and its port in the desert. It is named after its founders.

Wivverin – The Nation

Wivverin lies south of Tavsere, connected to no other country besides that north nation. It is situated entirely in the desert country on the narrow neck that separates North Relay from South Relay. It has a shoreline on both outer and inner seas, and due to its proximity to Sedurka, it has a very good trade relationship. It spans approximately 200 circuits north-south and 75 east-west.

The climate is dry and warm, as expected in a desert environment. It is not, actually, all that hot. It’s mild for a desert climate, though still much warmer than the other cities on the continent. The city of Wivverin is located near a very large oasis, which serves to not only supply the city with water, but also to allow for minimal crop growth and especially the spices that are desired the world round. It is largely flat, except for a large mountain range in the south – which is the location of the Mesan home of Canyon. A row of mountains blocks the desert from the southern land.

Wivverin – The City

Wivverin is a desert city, mostly a square except for the bit of the wall that is slightly curved to make room for the oasis on the outskirts. The city doesn’t so much spread as it does grow upwards. The homes are built like an adobe-style building – clay walls supported by wooden frames – and as more people move in and the population increases, homes are built up on layers above the lower city. There are no real districts, as the city is not separated by any real distinct areas.

The main square is built around the market. Though not as bustling as the markets of Tavsere or Seiis, the market is a great place to find unusual goods and is one of the few places that Mesan artisans will hawk their wares. On the outskirts of the market are mostly residential homes, except for the large building dedicated to the government of Wivverin.

Wivverin – The Port

The only outside town belonging to Wivverin as a nation is the port town of Laredo. This smallish port town is an area of much excitement for the workers. The docks are always busy, trade being sent to and from Sedurka and Dragon’s Throat. Laredo, like Wivverin, has an oasis nearby that fuels the crop and spice growth of the small port town.

Wivverin – The Government

Wivverin is a democratic society, although not a pure democracy. It has a single chief representative under which are four councilors. Each of the councilors is responsible for a quarter of the area of Wivverin. The councilors listen to their residents and bring the problems to the chief representative, who then asks for a vote from each of the quarters. When the people vote, the majority opinion of each quarter is tallied, and the chief representative clears up any ties. The entire government is voted in on four-year rotational intervals – so a new representative is elected each year for one of the four quarters. The representative is voted in at the end of the four-year rotation.