Sedurka is an island nation just northeast of Laredo and almost due south of Tavsere. It is named after its fouder.

Sedurka – The Nation

The islands of Sedurka are a small grouping of 2 large islands, about a half dozen smaller islands, and a few very small islands usually not drawn on maps. It is in the central sea, and due to its location, serves as the trade stop between North and South Relay. It is approximately 40 circuits east-west and 20 circuits north-south, so not very big.

The climate of the Sedurkan islands is sub-tropical, with very mild winters – hardly ever a frost or snow – and warm, but not hot, summers. It is a beautiful, almost paradise-like island chain, a lucky find for the tallis who live within its boundaries. The islands have flattish mountains, small groves of trees, and enough space to put enough farms down to support the population.

Sedurka – The City

The city of Sedurka is a very tight, crowded place. It consists of tall buildings – three or four stories – and a maze of thick steam pipes winding between the different homes and the street levels where they descend into the depths of the city. The town is divided into districts based upon each of the different guilds within the city.

The Steam Forge is the most northern of the districts, a home for the craftsmen of the city. It is most notable for the flat building in its center – which drops beneath the street level to access the bowels of Sedurka’s giant steam furnace. There are a lot of workers in the Steam Forge, and the people in this district almost entirely work in the forge itself or as a part of Sedurka’s militia.

The Docks are to the west of the city along the access to the central sea. Naturally it is the place where the majority of the trade happens. Tallis living here are good with numbers, working as dockworkers or merchants to take stock of what passes through the docks into the city itself. A small market resides in this district, with visitors from other nations attending to see the wares passing through.

The University is the southern district. It is here where tallis artificers and examiners reside. These are the tallis not content with making their own tools, but rather taking control of ancient works that they find, or learning the methods to control the natural ebb and flow of the world itself. The University is a place of learning, exploration, and discovery.

The Temple is in the eastern district. This location has the temple to the eight elder dragons located inside, although none of the dragons regularly live here, Hydros sometimes visits. The warrior-priests are the primary residents, although the Temple is also where the city’s graveyard exists, and where the clean-up crew resides.

The central district of Sedurka is the administrative area, the guild hall is built in this location – a five story tall building dwarfing those beneath it. The administrative workers reside in this area, those who take care of the more important but unknown tasks of the city – census data, form flow, that kind of thing.

Sedurka – The Islands

The islands around Sedurka are very sparsely populated, even the large eastern island is not home to many tallis. Those living outside the city tend to be farmers or miners, small, but important duties for the people of the nation. Although there may be a small collection of homes on some of the islands, they’re not big enough to be considered anything more than a family home.

Sedurka – The Government

Sedurka is a very structured nation, with a very strict governmental regiment. Each of the guilds – Craftsmen, Militia, Dockworkers, Merchants, Examiners, Artificers, Torgaruna, and Reclaimers – is run by a guildmaster, who is sent to the Guild Hall. The guilds each work together to decide the best method for growth in the nation. They do the best for themselves and their guilds, not necessarily for the people they rule over.

The guild is the most important part of a young tallis’s life. When they turn 13, they are apprenticed out to a guild member. While they train under the guild, they learn new things and learn what their position is. When they graduate from apprenticeship, they are able to take a home away from their family and move up in the ranks of the guild. After promoting a few ranks, they can train their own apprentices. Guild members who continue to rise in the ranks become important members to the guild itself, and can eventually become the guild master if the previous one retires or dies.