Lissa, Elder Dragon of Light – Metallic Dragon

Lissa is one of the metallic dragon species. Though other dragons may have shiny scales or those in a color that resembles one of the chief metals, the metallic dragons are another type of dragon altogether. Lissa is an excellent example of this group, with silver scales covering over her form. These are much harder than a typical dragon scale, being made up of the metal itself. She takes very good care of her scales, as they are prone to tarnish over time. Lissa is rather small, and has large wings to make up for her heavy body.

Lissa appeared along with the other seven (minus Hydros) Elder Dragons back when they were exploring the new world. She was always a bit more arrogant than the others, and her appearance caused some of the races to desire to worship her and set her as their leader. She was happy to take that position, and for a rather long while, Lissa sat in her home in the Free World, a god-queen ruling over the people.

But when science and technology started to reign, she was forgotten. Her worshippers and her people came less and less to her home. When she left the temple that had been built, they would acknowledge her and return to their duties. Her anger was strong, and she lashed out a few times, but the people stopped worshipping her over time. Distraught, she fled to Cathemega not long before the Cataclysm where she now lives in solitude in the mountains west of Moore.

Inia, Elder Dragon of the Sky – Sky Dragon

Unsurprisingly, the dragoness who took the realm of the sky is one of the sky dragons. Think Chinese dragon and you’re almost right. She is very long, has no wings, and has pure white scales head to toe. Her horns are sleeked back towards her back, and through simple undulation and a bit of magic application, Inia can fly through the air. The sky dragon species are all like this, and all of them are similar in nature to Inia – playful, a bit easily distracted, but very wise.

Inia never really was one to play along with the other dragons. She was always a bit of a headcase in their eyes. She went to the tall mountain Nier Numaqaya which is south of Dragon’s Throat as her home. This was long before the humans came to the southlands, and she always enjoyed living at the highest peak in Cathemega. When Dragon’s Throat was founded, the people called it Diamerok.

The dragoness soon became curious enough to meet the new inhabitants. Although initially frightened, the people became completely enamored with the playful nature of the beautiful dragoness. She became an icon, and although she never lived in the town, they still consider her to be an important part of the city – which they changed the name to Dragon’s Throat as an honor to her.

Dimengo, Elder Dragon of Darkness – Ancient Black Dragon

Dimengo is the oldest and the most solitary of the dragons. He is of the common dragon species – with nothing truly definitive about him. He is long, sturdy, and covered in black scales. Verosh used to be one of the common blacks as well, but left behind his dragon body for that of the dracolich. Those speaking call Dimengo an ‘ancient’ dragon to appease his sense of pride, and because he truly is an ancient dragon. He is very roughed up, with missing scales, a missing eye, and patches in his wings. He can still fly despite the ragged appearance of his wings.

Dimengo was the leader of the dragons when they left their plane to explore the new world. He was always a bit of a grouch, but never to the limit he is now. His attitude changed when he was one of the targets of the Hunt. Dimengo tried to lead his people to safety, tried to tell them to return through the planes, but they were all too stubborn and too foolish to understand. The eldest of the dragons knew he had to protect his kin.

When he fought, he used all his power to do so. He saw his family – Kasius, Verosh, and the orignal Elder Dragon of Life – fall to the evil king. His eye was gouged out by a dragon hunter’s lance, and his body scarred and wounded before he managed to escape to the mountains in the south of Tavsere. He is no longer hunted, but he distrusts the species who live in Cathemega.

Settesk, Elder Dragon of the Earth – Sand Dragon

Another unsurprising one, the Elder Dragon of Earth, Settesk, is of the species known as Sand Dragons. These sand or earth colored dragons find their homes in the deserts and badlands. Another non-winged species, these large beasts roam the sandy dunes with the ability to burrow in and dig through the undersoil. They don’t move very quickly, and use the dunes as cover to avoid being injured. Short and kind of squat, these dragons are much less capable of defending themselves than others.

Settesk always was curious about the humanoids living in the deserts. While the other dragons left from where they came in by flight, this dragon merely walked back towards the desert to the south. Here he met the humans and the Mesans living around Wivverin, and grew accustomed to their ways. When the evil king began the Hunt, Settesk fled to Canyon to protect himself.

The Mesan people enjoyed Settesk’s presence there, and called him a friend. When the king offered his fee to slay the Elder Dragon, the Mesan refused, sent the king’s army away. A small siege began, but the king’s army couldn’t last long enough and they left. Settesk still lives near Canyon, running there for protection and safety when he needs it.