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The Nature of Balance

I’m gonna take a quick break from the Nation description to explain a very important thing to my stories. Let me grab a lengthy quote from one of my commentators, Stevarious:

As far as the (sort of) dualistic major deities, I really like what you’ve done here. So much of reality is, on the surface, binary – day and night, light and dark, ignorance and knowledge, war and peace – shoot, proton and electrons, matter and energy. Why would there be only one major deity responsible for all these opposites?

Except, if you look deeper, things aren’t really binary – and thus the third godhead. Day, night – twilight. Ignorance, knowledge – the student or the apprentice. War, peace – cold war. Protons, electrons – neutrons.

The third major god is subtle, hard to find, easy to deny even it’s existence as a third option. So many see it as just a halfway measure – but as the atom shows, neutrality is a position all it’s own, with it’s own weight and purpose.

This description is exactly right. The World of Dramoth Gilead is one of balance. Everything has its opposite. The opposite of the city-building, orderly humans are the nomadic, chaotic orcs. The opposite of the down-to-earth, communion with nature elves are the cloud cuckoolander, binding of nature tallis. But for every opposite there is a third thing, a pivot or a fulcrum as you would. The human-orc opposition has the mesan – who are both nomadic and dwell in permanent homes. The elf-tallis opposition has the gnollen – industrious, yet honoring nature.

That’s what’s so intersting about my world. If you look at all my stories it’ll be very difficult to notice, but there’s always a third power engaged there. Something that doesn’t truly help either side, but serving a great importance to the story as a whole. I’ll try to spoiler out the plot of the first novel to show:

So the bad guy is doing bad things while the good guys are trying to stop him from doing these bad things. While good and bad things are happening, there are several minor subplots that shape the story, that certain good guys would not be in the story at all if they didn’t happen, and that if these good guys weren’t in the story, the bad guy would have a different path which may have been unseen.

Those subplots are the agents of Unity. Some of them are really sad, some of them are merely business as usual. If not for these – the story would be missing key individuals who help the story as a whole finish.

That’s balance, that’s the nature of Dramoth Gilead. It’s interweaved throughout the entire lifeblood of the world. Stories, legends, and peoples would be vastly different if not for the third element.


Speak them into creation: the sun, the seas, the stars.

Speak them unto destruction: the moons, the fires, the void.

Bring upon its soils: the humans to wander like the waters, to trade, to make peace, to unite.

Bring upon its soils: the tallis to work metal, to bind the elements, to create technologies.

Bring upon its soils: the elves to protect the land, to aid nature, to hold true natural order.

Bring upon its soils: the orcs to wander the land, to command its wealth, to fight and conquer.

The elements together, the spirit of the living,  the souls of the dead, the creator and the destroyer.

Together we cry, the world of man, come forth and be legend.

With those words, the world of Dramoth Gilead was called into existence, fully formed with all its living creatures upon it. The two speaking – Creation and Destruction – are two of the three gods of the world. This blog will detail a wide array of things; legends, histories, science, biographies, geography, deities, and other things I feel like speaking about in relation to the stories I hope to publish one day. If nothing else, this will assist me with having an actual place to put down my thoughts and solidify my ideas. As my first post, I’ll explain briefly about the pantheon of the three gods, however brief it will end up being.

The pantheon consists of three members – Creation, Destruction, and Unity. They once existed in supernatural forms – power beyond everything that could be imagined. Together the three built up the world of Dramoth Gilead (aside: Dramoth Gilead is a dragon tongue phrase meaning “World of Men.”) After the creation of the planet, the three beings were ready to rest for eternity – except that Destruction had its own ideas.

Destruction is the agent of – believe it or not – destruction in the world. Without some things ending or being destroyed, creation would be meaningless. While it is not evil, Destruction is opportunistic. When Creation and Unity sought eternal rest, Destruction was ready to take the chance to lead the world as its supreme lord and ruler. Creation fought against Destruction, but its abilities weren’t strong enough and Destruction was poised to win. Unity stepped in, however, and used its own abilities to place an everlasting spell on the three beings.

The three great beings would lose the majority of their powers and live as spirits forever trapped in the bodies of living creatures. While still incredibly powerful – they lost their very godhood. Both Creation and Destruction can, however, convince others and call to their aid those who would be ready to help them. When any of the creatures who are filled with these spirits die – the spirits transfer to the next born being fitting their specific parameters.

Creation skips forever between the bodies of women. Creation never is aware of her own existence within these bodies, but there is one woman who knows who Creation is. The first of these women started a small religion that blossomed into the single largest religion in the world. She serves as the High Priestess, and when she is ready to die she transfers that position to another in her order. The High Priestess alone is aware of who Creation is born into. Creation is brought to the temple in Seiis and raised under the order’s watch.

Destruction skips forever between the bodies of men. Upon becoming appropriately aged, Destruction becomes aware of his abilities. It is at this time that the being makes a hard decision. Live as one of the great evils in the world and have unbelievable power, or die to save the world for another generation. Those who bend to the power of Destruction lose their essences and become the being responsible for the deaths of many millions of people. Those who kill themselves are freed, returned to the planet, and are born again usually to take on the roles of great heroes.

Unity, as the last and most powerful of the spirits, skips forever into the bodies of unknown creatures – sentient or otherwise. Unity is never aware of its own godhood, and none are ever aware of Unity’s presence. There is a set time and place, however, where Unity will again remember who it is, and at that point the world will face its final hours.

So forever they skip between the living and return to the earth to be reborn into other beings. The cycle nearly endless, and one point in the far future, everything will end.

My next blog post will likely be about the other lesser members of the pantheon.